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    India as a nation where cricket is revered as a religion. It is one of the most popular sports of the country. The game is the legacy of British during their colonial rule in India.

    It is always said “Practice makes a man perfect”. Following this principle, we focus on constant and daily practice sessions for all round development of our young cricketers.

    Net practice daily at the academy makes students technically sound and allows them to fine tune their skills. Continuous monitoring during practice ensures complete development of players. Daily practice at the academy sharpens the skills and makes players confident. Large and lush green ground gives a good opportunity to players to enhance their fielding skills. Our mock drills and short matches makes players confident and prepares them for real-time matches.

    Morning Time

    • 7 AM to 8:30 AM
    • 9 AM to 10:30 AM

    Evening Time

    • 3 To 4:30 PM
    • 4:30 To 6 PM
    • 6 To 7PM

    Weekly - Sunday Special Session

    • Practice Matches For Each Group
    • Quality Turf Cricket
    • Quality Cricket Balls
    • 9 Practice Wickets
    • Open Match Practice Session Bowling Machine

    GYM, Physiotherapist & Diet Plan

    National & International Coach & Player Visit

    K. Kumaran
    K. Kumaran
    • ICC Level 2 Australia
    • NSNIS Patiala Punjab
    • GSM Cricket Coach In Dubai
    Shakun Saini
    Shakun SainiM
    • BCCI Level 1 Coach
    • NSNIS Patiala Punjab
    Boban Chacko
    Boban Chacko
    • ICC Level 1 - Dubai

    We have the required infrastructure for overall growth of a player. Large lush green cricket ground within city gives an opportunity to grow as a cricketer. Quiet surroundings and helpful environment makes K.T.C.A., the perfect destination for cricket coaching. We have rest rooms, nets and multiple pitches for continuous training of many players at a time. Coaches from all parts of the country and all levels are always available for guidance and visits to the academy. Suggestions are provided on the selection of sports equipment to be purchased. High standards of safety are ensured while playing.

    All basic equipments for playing like Bat, Ball and Stumps are provided. Students are advised to bring along their own kits to avoid confusions and delays. Drinking water and rest room facilities are also available. For night practice, special lights are being used to train children during late evenings.

    KT Cricket Academy

    Near by Kalyaan Water, Umarwala Kuaa
    Opposite of Lake City Garden
    Mali Colony Rd, Gayariawas, Udaipur-313001

  • +91 82399 99225
  • admin@ktcricketacademy.com