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    About Us

    India as a nation where cricket is revered as a religion. It is one of the most popular sports of the country. The game is the legacy of British during their colonial rule in India.

    K.T. Cricket Academy is an upcoming cricket academy based in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Established with an aim of nurturing fresh talent, K.T.C.A. provides a good platform to the budding cricketers of India to unleash their talent.

    Mr. K.T. Meena has had the privilege of coaching many famous cricketers of Rajasthan. He is also associated with many experienced players of national fame.

    About The Academy
    About The Academy

    K.T.C.A. has been training young students since last many years. The academy has a lush green ground and suitable infrastructure for imparting cricket training. Students have the opportunity to learn from one of the finest coaches and many experienced cricketers who have made their mark nationally. Round the year training of students with best cricket techniques and technology makes us the finest cricket coaching academy nationally.

    Mentoring students in a fun-filled manner, the academy conducts various training sessions, mini-tournaments and other fitness programs so as to bring out the best in each player. We are striving to prepare maximum students for national and international exposure.


    Our Core Values

    We believe in selecting willing and enthusiastic players and nurturing them to create good quality cricketers. We have devoted our best efforts to help fresh talent grow and reach their goals. India has always been a leader in cricket, internationally and we envision helping our country retain that fame. Giving direction to the efforts of young talents, we intend to give the country, its most deserving cricketers. Trained through long and rigorous practice sessions, players from our academy have always proved their skills.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to create a large group of cricketers who can play for their city, state as well as country. In the coming years, we wish to create cricketers who are not only technically strong but also have the capability to represent their country globally. With the growth of domestic leagues, cricket has now become a sport that provides sufficient opportunities for players to showcase their game. It is thus, very necessary to have cricket academies to help new players grow and reach their maximum potential. K.T.C.A. gives you the opportunity to grow as a player and achieve the success you deserve.


    Who We Are

    We are mentoring and nurturing young talented cricketer players of our country to help them build their skills and techniques. K.T. Cricket Academy has been training budding players since last 15 years and has successfully achieved high success rate. Our contribution to the state and national level Cricket has been significant and we look forward to produce international quality players.

    The founder, Mr. K.T. Meena has been also trained by many experienced players of our country and has played with some of the most renowned players of our country.

    What We Do

    We have a well defined process for grooming fresh players. In order to build a strong foundation of our kids, we train them through a series of events round the year.
    We assess every player of our academy, find their capabilities and shortcomings and based on individual evaluation; we provide personalized training to each of our players.

    • We have fixed warm up and physical training sessions for ensuring physical fitness of candidates.
    • Daily rigorous practice sessions to train students hard.
    • Weekly and Monthly assessment of strengths and weaknesses.
    • Organizing frequent matches between various teams of our State.
    • Ensuring Psychological fitness of players and building required temperament.


    Why Us

    K.T.C.A. is a well known cricket academy of Udaipur and has been training students since many years. We have the required facilities and necessary infrastructure to allow young players to bloom to their fullest. Personalized attention to each and every player of the academy is given and special attention is given to the technical aspects of the game.

    Mr. K.T. Meena, an experienced player himself, provides deep insights about all aspects of the game and trains professionally.

    KT Cricket Academy

    Near by Kalyaan Water, Umarwala Kuaa
    Opposite of Lake City Garden
    Mali Colony Rd, Gayariawas, Udaipur-313001

  • +91 82399 99225
  • admin@ktcricketacademy.com